Aeon Software Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in developing transport customized software solutions. It also enjoys the unique distinction of being India’s first IT company to have successfully developed and deployed on BOT basis a complete end-to-end government project. Today, Aeon Software, with more than 10 years of experience has built up core expertise for both private and public sectors. It has also been recognized as one of the few IT firms in the country to provide and offer specific software solutions for State Transport Undertaking organizations. These include Integrated Operations and Fleet Management solution ‘IOFMS’ and ‘Specialized Software’ which are certified by Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), Pune. These solutions are currently successfully running at
  • Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport (BEST)
  • Thane Municipal Transport department (TMT)
  • Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMT)
  • Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Transport (KDMT)
  • Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd(PMPML)
  • Sikkim Nationalist Transport (SNT))

At present, Aeon is also consultant to CIRIT in assessing and identifying IT solutions for transport undertakings.

Benefits of partnering with

Aeon Software

  • Aeon is committed in rendering full support from start to completion of the project.
  • Almost 60 to 100 per cent savings on manpower is possible.
  • Aeon Software enjoys the highest ratio of successful implementation.
  • You can opt for Aeon Software’s very flexible and staggered payment models.
  • Aeon Software enjoys the highest ratio of successful implementation.
  • Aeon Software offers you with the software the accessibility of technical team to be present for the project on site.
  • We have been very successful in delivering and completing projects which have been inadequately being developed by third party vendors.
  • Aeon Software enjoys the highest ratio of successful implementation.
  • The software developed is fully customized as per need and department.
  • Aeon software can easily integrate with existing hardware and software being currently operationa



‘IOFMS’ or Integrated Operations and Fleet Management solution is a single IT solution connecting all key STU departments such as Ticket and Cash, Log sheets, Waybills, Duty postings, Fuel and Stores and Workshop. The product is a powerful ERP software which is very user-friendly and can be operated in Internet and Intranet based environments. The solution developed can give details 24 x 7 all at mouse click. It is also able to generate Detailed Project reports [DPRs]. IOFMS is packaged with 3 modules viz.

  • Ticket & Cash Management
  • Traffic & HR/Roaster Management
  • Stores & Inventory, Workshop and Fuel Management

Ticket & Cash Management module enables data to be captured right from printed stock register details to route-wise sales information. The module also captures other revenue details such as. pass, penalties, extra cash and fines. It can also be integrated with E-Ticketing. The E-Ticketing component of the module takes care of online tickets and is being jointly introduced with CIRT, Pune. It meets the E-Ticketing service needs of a specific STU. Traffic & HR/Roaster Management module is for streamlining conductor and drive roaster duties and shift duties as per the Duty Master Charts. The leave status records can also been captured as well as Turn-Out and Postings data. With the Stores & Inventory, Workshop and Fuel Management module, the Stores & Inventory section collates data from the point of tender formation right up to purchase orders raised. The Workshop division of the module takes care of details generated of bus breakdown and Job Card assignment and materials being used. This also includes details of Preventative Maintenance of vehicle running and upkeep. The Fuel Management computes the details of fuel stock piles and fuel consumed which is based vehicle wise.